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What is the Text My Weather app?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The Text My Weather app has been a passion project of mine. As the "meteorologist friend" in my circle, I've been asked, emailed, and texted countless times over the years some version of, "What's the weather going to be?" On the surface, it seems like a simple enough question easily answered by a quick Google search. I started to wonder, "Why do people text me rather than Googling the forecast? What service am I providing that they can't get through a search engine or a typical weather app?"

I realized that the questions I was being asked fell into a few different categories:

  1. Their questions were more specific than just needing to know the temperature, chance of rain, or cloud cover.

  2. There are so many resources for getting weather information, without a degree in the field, how could they read a forecast model or tell which source was most reliable?

  3. My friends trusted someone they knew personally with an Atmospheric Science degree and almost two decades of experience more than they trusted an anonymous app.

Throughout my career, I've been fascinated by meteorology as a science, but my drive behind that has been to help people. I've seen how spreading good, reliable information about the weather can save lives on a large scale, and help people connect to their day-to-day environment on an individual level. I want to bring my passion for helping people to answering your questions about the weather and providing personalized information for you that goes beyond an app. I can explain what I'm seeing in a forecast model and exactly how it's informing my answers for you.


Here are a few real examples of questions I've been asked over the years that go beyond "What's the weather going to be?"

"I'm driving from San Francisco to LA on Thursday, and returning on Sunday. I'm going to take the 5 in one direction (more direct), and the 1 in the other (scenic views of Big Sur). Which day will be a prettier sunset?

"I'm going to Singapore in two weeks. Which would be the best day for a hike without much rain? And is the morning or afternoon better?

"I'm planning a picnic on Cobb Island this Friday, but the forecast says there's a 60% chance of rain throughout midday that day. Do you think the forecast might change, or should we change our plans?


Questions like these energize me because I love this kind of problem-solving and putting my skills and education to use to help people.

After earning my bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Science at the University of Virginia, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that involved communicating directly with people about the weather. I began working for the Washington Post's weather news service, Capital Weather Gang, and thrived on broadcasting live weather reports on location throughout the Washington DC Metro area. There, I was promoted to Engagement Lead. I then went on to earn a Master's Certificate in Multimedia and Mobile Journalism at the University of Maryland and continued to create frequent live broadcasts and daily forecasts.

My goal for each of my broadcasts it to share information in an engaging way, and to break down complex models to make them easy for anyone to understand. I love to share my passion with others and inspire people to engage with their outdoor environment.

The Text My Weather app will be launching at the end of 2020. I want to use technology to make weather and atmospheric science more accessible to everyone and take some of the mystery out of it. With the Text My Weather app, (available for iPhone, Android, web, and on Whatsapp) you'll be able to text me directly to ask any weather-related question and get a response from a real person, not a bot. I'm very excited to roll this app out soon and start getting feedback from people around the world.

To be notified about product updates and releases, please enter your email address at the bottom of the page and be one of the first users to test out our app!

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