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Why trust is important in a weather app

Updated: May 31, 2023

The more you trust us, the more often you come to depend upon us for an honest assessment of the weather. We take our responsibility to you seriously.

We aim to keep you happier with forecast information expectations. When we successfully help manage and meet your forecast expectations, we can ultimately keep you safe. That's huge for us.

We want to communicate honestly about how complex the atmosphere is to forecast and we think that will help us become your primary weather source.

Miami in January, yes please
What you see after a few days ahead in Miami's forecast could change

We will try to indicate what we know and what we don't know. This is part of our Forecast Assurance™.

In Miami, to the right, you can easily plan the next few days around what you see in the forecast. In a Daily forecast with a Forecast Assurance™ level of High (H) or Medium-High (MH) you have little if any worry.

Those rays of sunshine you see, or those raindrops in the forecast? They probably happen as it's currently forecast. It's a forecast you can plan around with a sense of confidence.

You may want to hold off on firm outdoor plans for Forecast Assurance™ levels of Low (L) or Low-Medium (LM). Much could change with those forecasts, since the atmosphere hasn't made up its mind what to do.

We take an honest look at the entirety of the weather data, so that we can help you plan better or come up with alternate (indoor) plans.

We want to earn your trust through Forecast Assurance™ transparency. You'll see our ratings for each forecast next to each day. This is a first in a weather app.

We'll later talk about all the inner workings of Forecast Assurance™ and what it means for you.

Do you truly trust any of your current weather apps? Let us know why or why not.

Try us out on Apple and Android.

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