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Camden Walker has always been enthralled by the atmosphere. As a child, he enthusiastically memorized all of the cloud types, spent his free time reading almanacs, and earned the weather merit badge in Boy Scouts. 

Camden went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Virginia. He then spent time in Atlanta participating in on-air training at The Weather Channel. To become a better educator, he later pursued a Multimedia Journalism Certificate from the University of Maryland.

He founded Camunications in 2019 with the goal of engaging more deeply with an audience curious about how climate and weather influence their lives. Weather is part of the daily experience for almost everyone on the planet, and Camden loves the sociological and psychological aspects of meteorology too.

Camden's vision for the future of weather forecasting is interactive and exciting. He wants to share his passion with the public through the augmented reality app he's developing, WeathAR, and invite anyone to text him directly with their weather questions via the Text My Weather app.

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Check out some of Camden's recent forecasts for Washington, DC

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