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We want to use technology to make weather and atmospheric science more accessible and take some of the mystery out of it. With the Text My Weather app (available for iPhone, Android, web, and on Whatsapp), you'll be able to text us directly to ask any weather or climate-related question and get a response from a real person, not a bot.

We're excited to roll this app out soon and start getting feedback from people around the world.

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What They’re Asking

I'm driving from San Francisco to LA on Thursday, and returning on Sunday. I can't decide if I should take the 5 (more direct), or the 1 (scenic views of Big Sur). Which day will be a prettier sunset?

Amy P.

I'm going to Singapore in two weeks. Will it be too rainy for me to hike while I'm there?

Kris M.

I'm planning a picnic on Cobb Island this Friday, but the forecast says there's 60% chance of rain throughout midday that day. Do you think the forecast might change, or should we change our plans?

Helen B.

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The Text My Weather app will be launching in early 2024 for iPhone and Android.

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